Conventional Banking For Individuals

Our customers drive our bank. At AUB, our commitment is steadfast as your partner and support, privately, or in business.

Conventional Banking is the prevailing mode of banking creating a debtor-creditor relationship between the bank and its depositors. At AUB, we offer competitive interest rates and products suitable to your wealth management and person finance.

1. Current Accounts

A current account does not have any limitation with respect to the frequency or amount of transactions and is conveniently oriented to suit your everyday financial needs. This account features on demand withdrawals; to learn more about the facilities offered by opening a Current Account with AUB.

2. Payroll Accounts

Payroll Accounts for Other Organization Staff.

Payroll accounts are to be opened in nature of current account which the class of account is different as there are some differences in maintaining of payroll account and current individual accounts.

Payroll accounts can be opened based on contract of organizations with the bank.

Required Documents for Opening of Payroll Accounts:

  • National Identification Card (Tazkira) or Valid Passport.
  • Photo (Passport Size)
  • Employee Card.
  • Introduction Letter from the Employer
  • Valid Visa/Working Permit for the Non-Resident Customers.
  • No initial deposit or minimum balance is required for Payroll accounts.

3. Saving Accounts

A saving account is characterized by the fact that interest is payable on credit balances held in the account and the number of withdrawals permitted from the account may be restricted. Withdrawal of large amounts as specified by the Bank may require a withdrawal notice to the branch by the account holder. However, keeping in view the available cash position of the branch and the profitability of the account, this requirement can be waived on management’s discretion.

  • Current and Saving Accounts can be opened for a person who is of 18 years of age, or above, having full legal capacity to enter into a contractual obligation.
  • Minors (under a proper guardian), illiterate persons as well as non-residents are also allowed to open current and saving account and are subject to DAB regulations issued for the purpose.