Islamic Saving Account

Looking for easy access to your funds? Having excess cash that you prefer to invest and earn profit in a period of your choice? Our Saving Investment meets your business needs.


What is the rule for profit & loss?

  • There is no fixed profit before or at the time of opening an Islamic Saving Account
  • There is no fixed contract period for this account
  • Profit from the investment will be shared between the Bank and the depositors based on agreed ratio written in the contract
  • Customer can use the received profit after the bank’s profit distribution
  • Other details are written in the contract

Who can open?

Persons above age of 18, singly or jointly, Trusts, Societies, companies and other organizations approved & licensed by competent authorities in the country.


Required documents:

  • Tazkira (National ID/Passport)
  • Latest photograph
  • For companies (valid license & article of association), board resolution IDs of the entity owners

What are the benefits of this account?

  • Halal/permissible profit
  • Transactions are allowed in the account
  • Monthly account statement
  • In compliance with Shari’a principles & regulations
  • Interest free (no reba)

What extra services are available for this account?

  • Cheque book (free for the first time)
  • SMS banking
  • Internet banking
  • ATM services
  • Bill of electricity collection with less time consumption
  • Money transfers (inside & outside the country) fast and safe