Fixed Deposits

A deposit held with a bank for a fixed term/period of time. The maturities of such deposits usually range from months to a few years. The customer makes such a deposit with the understanding that the proceeds can only be withdrawn after the term has ended or an advance notice given.


Required Documents for Opening of Current/Saving and Term Deposit Individual Accounts.


  • National Identification Card (Tazkira) or Valid Passport.
  • Photo (Passport Size)
  • Employment Card or Supporting Documents to Prove Source of Income.
  • Valid Visa/Working Permit for Non-Resident Customers.

Initial Deposit:

  • Current Individual Account: AFS 3,000      USD 60         Euro 60         GBP 60          AED 250
  • Saving Account: AFS 3,000      USD 60
  • Not Available in other Currencies

Term Deposit:

  • AFS 500,000            USD 10,000
  • Not Available in other Currencies

Required Documents for Opening of Corporate Accounts:


  • Valid License
  • Article of Association
  • Board Resolution Letter
  • Tazkira or Passport of Each Signatory/Directors
  • Photo (Passport Size for Each Signatory/Directors)

Initial Deposit:

  • AFS 15,000    USD 300        EURO 300      GBP 300        AED 1,000