Jobs in Afghan United Bank

Welcome to Afghan United Bank! We value your interest in beginning your career with Afghan United Bank. Attracting and retaining talented individuals is a cornerstone of our mission and a top priority for our organizations strategy and nations development. AUB offers great opportunities across a wide range of careers in the areas of management, finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, banking, settlements and facilities management. The Bank provides employment opportunities to various categories of applicants varying from fresh graduates to high caliber professionals. Our challenging work environment inspires our employees and is geared towards their personal development. Find out how to join by contacting our Human Resources Department. If you require further information please contact us at

Job No.Job TitleJob LocationPosting dateClosing date
AUB/HR/024-012Cashier - KandaharKandahar2024-01-222024-02-22
AUB/HR/024-014Investment Manager - Islamic BankingKabul Afghanistan2024-01-252024-02-25
AUB/HR/024-015Database ManagerKabul Afghanistan2024-01-312024-03-02
AUB/HR/024-018Branch Manager - BadakhshanBadakhshan Afghanistan2024-02-012024-03-01
AUB/HR/024-019Branch Manager - TakharTakharAfghanistan2024-02-012024-03-01
AUB/HR/024-020Branch Operation Manager - KunduzKunduz Afghanistan2024-02-012024-03-01
AUB/HR/024-021Cashier - Herat - Islam Qala CustomHerat Afghanistan2024-02-072024-03-07
AUB/HR/024-022Branch Operation Manager - KabulKabul Afghanistan2024-02-072024-03-07
AUB/HR/024-023Booth In-Charge - NimrozNimroz Afghanistan2024-02-072024-03-07
AUB/HR/024-024Branch Operation Manager - NimrozNimroz Afghanistan2024-02-142024-03-14
AUB/HR/024-025Head Cashier - NimrozNimroz Afghanistan2024-02-142024-03-14
AUB/HR/024-026Network ManagerKabul Afghanistan2024-02-202024-03-20
AUB/HR/024-027Electronic Banking ManagerKabul Afghanistan2024-02-202024-03-20
AUB/HR/024-028IT Risk Management OfficerKabul Afghanistan2024-02-202024-03-20
AUB/HR/024-029Customer Services Officer - NimrozNimroz Afghanistan2024-02-212024-03-21
AUB/HR/024-030IT Audit OfficerKabul Afghanistan2024-02-242024-03-24
AUB/HR/024-001 (Re-announced)Branch Manager - HeratHerat Afghanistan2024-02-262024-03-26