Funded Facilities

1. Working Capital Finance:

A convenient and flexible form of short-term financing for routine operating expenses and overheads of your company.

This is an on-demand credit facility designed to meet day-to-day operational activities of the business, including purchase of raw materials and expenses.


2. Short Term Financing:

As the responsive player in the market, you may at anytime need funds to utilize for a limited time. Whether due to emergency or short term endeavors, we understand the role financing plays in the implementation of your project as you strive to gain the market benefits.

AUB is here to facilitate your success. This can be a Short Term Loan or a Short Term Revolving Loan obtained either for your domestic business or cross-border payments in trade.


3. Mid Term Financing:

AUB can also equip you for the segments of your project. Those that require further financing may avail the AUB Term Loan, giving you the confidence to accomplish your project goals.

Need fixed assets?

Use this facility to purchase your machinery, commercial building, equipment, land, and more.


4. Project Finance:

We are with you for the long run. Project Finance is your long-term financial solution where we are your partner throughout the development and construction of your project. The service involves mobilization of debt, equity, contingent equity, hedges and a variety of limited guarantees through a newly organized company, partnership or contractual joint venture, often referred to as a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”), for the purpose of building a capital intensive facility and operating a specific business activity.

Project finance may take place in two ways:

Sole Finance- the Bank is the only financier to the project and;

Co- Finance- the Bank collaborates and complements other lenders to complete the debt package of a project.

We will guide you to decide on the package best suited for your business.


5. Syndication:

“Syndicated Loans” are extended by multiple banks where the overall credit involved exceeds an individual lender’s legal lending or other limits. It is made available by a group of financial institutions in pre-defined proportions under the same credit facility following common loan documentation formalities.


6. Bills Discounting:

A facility where a Bill of Exchange shall be drawn on a third-party and kept with the bank as collateral. This allows us to grant you a credit facility with a maximum limit up to the face value of the Bill. At maturity, the bank shall recollect the funds to adjust the facility.