International remittances through banks and financial intermediaries are playing an increasingly large role in the economies of many countries by contributing to their economic growth and assisting in the livelihoods of their people. Remittance of funds also promotes access to financial services for the sender and recipient, thereby increasing financial and social inclusion.

Afghan United Bank has several customer friendly remittances products that enable receiving and sending funds globally with least hassles that can be availed by our customers and the locals at large.

Our Inward Remittance products enable the locals working in different countries to send funds to their near and dear ones in Afghanistan. Business organizations can receive monies emanating through overseas business deals through our remittance schemes. These funds are credited to the accounts of beneficiaries in the fastest possible manner.

AUB also provides facilities to our valued customers to send money to the recipients in any currency or country. These remittances are done subject to the remitter establishing the authenticity of the purpose of remittances to the bank and also ensures compliance to the various laws governing such transactions.

Just walk into our branch and our staff would be glad to help you in meeting your remittance needs.


The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) that operates a worldwide financial messaging network for messaging between banks and other financial institutions has gained the popularity of a de- facto standard for financial messages in the banking community. It is the most recognized and adopted messaging mode for transfer of funds and other financial communications amongst the banks across the world.

Afghan United Bank is a member of SWIFT Alliance. Majority of international interbank messages today use the SWIFT network. SWIFT transports financial messages in a highly reliable, secure and swift manner.

As SWIFT does not facilitate funds transfer, rather sends payment instructions, which are settled via correspondent accounts that the institutions have with each other, we have tied up with several banks through whom our international remittances and documentary credits are channelized using SWIFT as the medium.

Correspondent Banks

For the purpose of international transfer of funds and management of documentary credits, the Bank has entered into correspondent banking arrangements with reputed international banks. These relationships facilitate remittance of funds from and to Afghanistan in all accepted international currencies. Our customers can receive deposits, make payments and carry out other financial transactions with any foreign financial institution. The strong correspondent banking relations have enabled Afghan United Bank to conduct international business and provide services to its clients outside the country.

The bank is in dialogue with several other global banks for similar relationship so that we can service our customers in more efficient and speedier manner.